GTV Shift Program Inc.

"Helping to Shift lives today in to a better tomorrow "

Dorene Bullard, 

CEO and Executive Program Administrator

has previous experience in residential programs as a case management supervisor in a Family Shelter where her passion for the homeless population was initially stirred. She also owned and operated a Family Day Care from 2005-2014 that served the homeless population in the local family shelters. This allowed her to gain firsthand insight on how to assist them. She is also actively involved in the Continuum of Care meetings held by the Long Island Coalition for the Homeless where she has gained knowledge in regards to how to address the needs of the target population that the GTV Shift Program Inc. will serve, strategies on how to execute results driven services effectively and invaluable connections and resources that will benefit our program in making sure that the goals for the clients are met. 

Who we are

The GTV Shift Program Inc. has and continues to coordinate community events such as: 

  • Clothing drives
  • Back to school supply drives and                     giveaways  
  • Toys for tots events 
  • Thanksgiving baskets giveaways 
  • Feeding programs for homeless shelters 
  • Community referral services. 

It is now our mission to address and meet the needs of the homeless population in our community through our Overnight Placement facilities and Supportive Housing facility.


We're here to serve in excellence!